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Open 450x280



A Pergine Spettacolo Aperto Festival’s new production in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento
Historical centre (various locations) – Former Psychiatric Hospital
A group of Trentino artists selected through the OPEN competition will experiment several ways of relating to the audience in spaces which are usually not reserved to art: their works will occupy several locations around the city of Pergine and in the former Psychiatric Hospital’s grounds. The artists will furthermore present two events on site-specific creation as a conclusion of the OPEN LAB international workshops held by Geraldine Pilgrim (UK) and Shadow Casters (Croatia). This will be an eye-opening artistic tour de force on Trentino’s contemporary creation.

Thank you to Claudia Gelmi (journalist), Francesco Nardelli (director of the Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara di Trento), Francesca Piersanti (educational services Galleria Civica di Trento), and Dino Sommadossi (director Drodesera Fies) for having taken part in the competition’s artistic commision.

Elisa D’Ippolito
Photography installation

As many know, the specter of the White Lady has often appeared in Colle del Tezzago. “Phantazomai” is an installation inspired by the forest’s apparitions which, by interweaving images and words, will lead the audience on a tour of the hill’s secrets.


BAR ITALIA / Urban installation

Audio journey in the background noise of everyday-life’s social rituals. Under the reassuring neon light of a temporary bar, the audience will be invited to interpret itself. 

Gaetano Liberti

ON THE AIR / Film work, installation, performance

One scenery and one screen, the former twice as large as the latter. The choice of two places and the digging of a hole. “I have always wondered what keeps together bodies and light, the source of sounds and the ear. By looking for what follows and precedes the image—before it takes shape and after it is remembered—we may reach the same place.

Sara Maino

THE WORLD HAS AS MANY SIDES AS THE EYES THAT CONTEMPLATE IT / widespread and interactive installation

Inspired by line by the German poet J.P. Richter, this installation is widely spread along the whole territory of the town of Pergine and is open to interactive participation. It offers a literal as well as metaphorical reflection upon the local community and landscape. It is composed of five different audio-visual installations, plus a final collective performance. The landscape encapsulates the life, sounds, noises, and memories of the entire town.

Angelo Demitri Morandini

THE SPROUTER / Environmental sculpture

This is a place where to cultivate ideas, a place created to protect the most fragile and delicate thoughts. The sprouter is a small and evocative construction that is able to draw people into an experience of senses. Each visitor will be prepared by a guide, invited to enter the sculpture and start “sprouting”.

Plamen Solomonski


Sounds, steps, voices, noises, silences… are your shoes really your shoes? Who has already gone by here in the past? What was the name of him who kept walking and seemed to never stop? Do you still have a pair of shoes for remembering?

Teatri Assortiti


Have you ever dreamed of being someone else? Have you ever imagined discovering yourself in another body? Open this door and try for five minutes to be different from that who you wake up being every morning! A wonder room where to try a change: this doesn’t happen every day…

Luca Valenzin / Margherita Giuliani

T.I.M.E.S. / Emotional cinema

What happens when art allows cybernetics to seduce it? This video performance aims at transforming the usual scheme of video watching into an experience of the senses. The spectator, in fact, through a sophisticated piece of technology which is able to perceive emotional signals, modifies the story and interacts with the video.

Geraldine Pilgrim

RECIPE OF DREAMS / Site-specific performance/installation 

Site-specific creation inspired by the traces of memory which echo inside the former Psychiatric Hospital’s empty rooms.

Bacaci Sjenki


Exploration journeys throughout the urban spaces. Both the real and the fictitious dimensions of these places will be examined as if they were crime scenes in order to draw various narrative threads.


extra 150x130


12-13 July 2012
6 pm-12 pm

Historical centre-ex OP


free events

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