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The Book of Blood/Performance Laboratory is an intensive workshop on performance and multidisciplinary practice led by the artists’ collective LEIBNIZ (UK).

Throughout the workshop participants will discuss and practically investigate the themes connected to THE BOOK OF BLOOD: Human Writes project.

THE BOOK OF BLOOD: Human Writes explores issues relating to human rights and aims to facilitate the spectator’s transition from passive witness to more actively contributing participant. The project takes the form of a performance-installation-cum-happening, exploring issues relating to human rights. 

While the structure and content of each BOOK OF BLOOD event is determined in response to its site-specificity and the concerns of local participants, its central performance remains constant. This consists of the participant’s voluntary donation of a pinprick of blood, extracted by a qualified nurse under sterile conditions. Each drop of blood is mixed with anti-coagulant and red ink, and used – one drop of blood per letter – to transcribe the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in a purpose-made book that travels with the project from venue to venue. This action is designed to serve as a pro-active ritual of commemoration, observance and co-commitment to the realization of fundamental human rights in our everyday lives.

Helen Spackman ed Ernst Fischer will introduce the participants to a range of body-based and site-responsive methodologies developed through previous LEIBNIZ projects, a process that aims to generate performance material for inclusion in the culminating presentation of THE BOOK OF BLOOD: Human Writes on the 9th of July 2014 as part of Pergine Spettacolo Aperto Festival programme.

In accordance with the collaborative, eco-humanitarian and trans-disciplinary ethos of this on-going project, the laboratory will be guided by three over-arching objectives:

i. the dissemination of multi-disciplinary and collaborative modes of performance-making that nurture the development of emergent/early career and ‘outsider’ artists; 

ii. the creation of rituals and/or performative documents that are sensitive and responsive to the site(s) in which they take place, invite participation and remain open to interpretation;

iii. the deployment of performance as a potential site for the manifestation of ‘new’ bodily imaginings and politicized inter-corporealities. 

The workshop is open to max. 12 participants (early career artists working with performance, theatre, visual arts or anybody who has a genuine interest in human rights and performance practices) and will be held in Pergine Valsugana, Trento (Italy) during Pergine Spettacolo Aperto Festival (4th-12th July 2014). The cost of the workshop is 50 Euro.

For further information and to apply, please send a short motivation letter and CV/biography to:


Co-founded by Ernst Fischer and Helen Spackman in 2005, LEIBNIZ is a fluid live art collective that aims to present socially engaged and inter-active work, create rituals and mythologies for a secular age, generate new audiences and assist emerging artists. Having worked together since 1995, Fischer and Spackman’s long standing interest in issues of home and belonging has developed with LEIBNIZ to more specifically address bio-ethical and ecological concerns and the ways in which performance can function as an accessible and vibrant means of counter-cultural documentation and regeneration. In various collaborations with a core group of associate artists, LEIBNIZ has to date produced five distinct projects that have been presented nationally and internationally, namely: THE BOOK OF DUST (2005 - 7), THE SHIP OF FOOLS (2005 -11), THE BOOK OF BLOOD (2006, ongoing), GHOST LETTERS (2008 -12) and PASSION/FLOWER (now part of ALLOTMENT, 2011 ongoing) LEIBNIZ’s directors Ernst and Helen teach regularly at Roehampton University, the Central School of Speech and Drama and London Metropolitan University.



2-9 July 2014


€ 50

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25th June 2014


To sign up please send a motivation letter and a short biography

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