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Pergine’s girls are about to lose control



After big cities like Genoa and Rome, now it’s up to Pergine! The public call is open until June 25.

What are we talking about?

“Pergine’s GIRLS ARE LOSING CONTROL. SOCIETY IS AFRAID OF THEM. THE END IS BLUE “is a project for tough, courageous girls, who believe in the impossible and who have a great desire to get involved. The project is for girls who like to act, sing or play (or who just like the idea of ​​being able to do it).

The director Eleonora Pippo looks for a group of brave girls to form the temporary local company Ragazzine Pergine 2018, a fantastic opportunity to make a new experience and be the protagonists of an original performance.

Starting from the homonymous comic drama by Ratigher [read the comics], winner of the prestigious Micheluzzi Award for Best Comic at Naples COMICON 2015, the project involves the creation of temporary local companies made up of girls between the ages of 13 and 18, who in record time of seven days will work together with the director to create a show based on the peculiarities of the girls involved and will make use of the active participation of the audience.

The work will be presented on 13 July 2018 at 20:30 at the Don Bosco Theater.

Would you like to participate?

The participation to the project is completely free, you only need the signature of a parent (relative or someone on behalf) if you are a minor.

Registering is easy, just download the [   ], fill it out and send it to (by June 25th) and come on July 6 at 6pm at the Youth Center #Kairos in Pergine.

The seats available are maximum 12.

What is the program of activities?

The following program may be modified according to various needs. Maximum availability and commitment is required.

Day 1 – let’s know each other! | 06/07 from 15:00 to 18:00 at the Youth Center #Kairos

Cognitive meeting: it is an opportunity to get involved and experiment with a theatrical style that combines acting, music, movement, live singing and interaction with the audience in the creation of unconventional performances with a strong emotional impact.

Day 2 – confirmation of registration (and casting selection) 07/07

Based on the experience gained during the meeting, participants can decide to enroll in the next selection phase through which the local temporary company will be formed.

Day 3> day 8 – INTENSIVE / Creation and montage | 06 / 07-13 / 07

During this phase the company will work with the director to create the editing of the original performance during an intensive one-week residence, from 6 to 13 July, with meetings of 2/3 hours each during the afternoon. Thursday 12 and Friday 13 July the timetable will be intensified.

What is needed?

We require comfortable and / or sporty clothing (no sport suits). We invite all the girls who can play to bring their musical instrument. You are all welcome. We are still willing to evaluate even individual cases, if you are motivated and intrigued. Please do not forget to send us the completed and signed registration form.

If you need more information write to:

Meet the director

Eleonora Pippo | Born in Pordenone in 1976, she trained at the Scuola del Teatro Stablie in Turin, with the company ViaNegativa in Ljubljana, with Thomas Ostermeier and Agrupacion Senor Serrano (Biennale College Theater / La Biennale di Venezia) and with Richard Maxwell / New York City Players. She won the 2010 Scintille Asti Theater Festival Award. She directed ‘Five merry boys dead THE MUSICAL LO-FI’ The alternative, The feast of the dead and #tuttonuovo, ‘Marburg’ (Guillem Clua), ‘Save your wish’ (Elena Arcuri), ‘How was it that in Italy outbreak ‘revolution but no one noticed’ (Davide Carnevali), ‘Ulysses chat with the gods, Hamlet plays at the playstation, Raskolnikov reads comics’ (Villiam Klimacek),’ Sotterraneo ‘(JM Benet i Jornet),’ Five women with same dress’ (Alan Ball), ‘Yumiura’ (Yasunari Kawabata).

Her performances have been presented at the Teatro Litta and Teatro Elfo Puccini in Milan, at the Teatro Vascello and Teatro India in Rome, at the Teatro della Tosse Genova and at the Teatro Due in Parma.

Meet the project

For more information on Le ragazzine project visit the website and follow the Facebook page.

Meet the comics and his author

Ratigher | was born in 1978. He began drawing and self-publishing comics in 1998. His stories and illustrations appear on KR, the amazing almanac of the Mattioli brothers, Carmilla, Petrolio, Fandango, Carta. In 2001, in Bologna, with Tuono Pettinato and J.D. Raudo founds the DIY Donna Bavosa label, which prints comic books and punk records. He continues to publish for independent magazines such as Lamette, Nervi, Monipodio, Inguine; paired with Alessandro Baronciani creates a volume of the series 25 drawings. He appeared on Vice magazine, serializing the Bimbo Fango and drawing the series “Random Comics”. He was part of the IUK group for two years, publishing the Vita a 3000 series on the pages of the monthly XL of Repubblica.

In the last few years he has dedicated himself to the new group of cartoonists of which he is a member, the Super Friends (Maicol & Mirco, Dr.Pira, Tuono Pettinato, LRNZ) with whom he creates the magazine Hobby Comics for Grrrzetic and the first free-press of comics Pic Nic, where he plays the role of editor. In the field of self-production he collaborates with the collective ZOOO.ORG. He teaches at the IED in Rome. His first comic book TRAMA the weight of a severed head came out in 2011 for Grrrzetic. He lives in Vasto.