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The 8°OPEN // CONTEMPORARY [URBAN] CREATION 2019 opens for the first time to international artists, companies or collectives with a brand new commission for an original production.

For its 8th edition, the call, promoted by Pergine Festival, will support Italian and foreign artists to develop projects in dialogue with the urban space, with more than 8.000 euros for a new production. Deadline to submit your application is open until December the 10th.

From participatory projects involving the audience to audio-visual performances, from architectural or artistic installations to contaminations between performative practices ​​and new technologies: Pergine Festival continues its investigation on contemporary artistic creation by supporting companies and artists interested in exploring the relationship between art and urban space. For its 8th consecutive year, Pergine Festival launches the new call for proposals of OPEN///CONTEMPORARY [URBAN] CREATION 2019, with some important innovative features.

In line with the mission in supporting contemporary artistic creation for the urban space, Pergine Festival established a collaborative network between various Italian organisations: Zona K (Milan), In\Visible Cities (Gorizia), Contaminazioni Digitali (Cormons), Indisciplinarte/Ternifestival (Terni), that, in addition to giving a grant, will provide creative and project development support.

In his 8th edition, OPEN gives the possibility to submit applications for two distinct categories:

o the presentation of projects already realised but adaptable to the city of Pergine, which might also be hosted in their programme by another partner;

o a brand new original creation, fully supported with a budget of € 8,250, and a co-production programme of residencies and creative and promotional support, thanks to the synergy between the partners and their expertise through national and international networks. The new work will debut in Pergine Festival 2019 and will then be presented within the programme and activities of our partners.

In its 2019 edition, OPEN inaugurates a new collaborative network of national institutions which share the interest in contemporary artistic creation for the urban space and launches the call for proposals to artists (individuals, companies or collectives) operating in Italy or abroad in the field of performing arts, architecture and/or new technologies. Its objective is the development of projects that can promote a dialogue with the city and its inhabitants, enhancing the public sphere and temporarily transforming the places and relationships that characterise them.

The application form is available and can only be completed online at and the deadline for submission of applications is set for midnight on Monday 10 December 2018.

The final selection will be made by a commission composed by: Alessandro Cattunar (Invisible Cities – Gorizia), Carla Esperanza Tommasini (Pergine Festival), Chiara Organtini (Indisciplinarte / Terni Festival), Michela Giovannelli (Dello Scompiglio – Lucca), Valentina Kastlunger and Valentina Picariello (Zona K – Milan).

OPEN // CONTEMPORARY CREATION was established in 2012 and since then has financed and supported 34 projects created by Italian artists working at national and regional level, such as: Dynamis, Effetto Larsen, Dance Makers, Serena Osti, Campo Marzio, Tobia Zambotti.