Our stage is the town itself, its abandoned places, its apartments, disused buildings, its council chambers, its courtyards and squares. This is Pergine SpettacoloAperto: a

meeting, a relationship, a sharing experience. In a nutshell: a game

Pergine Spettacolo Aperto is a cultural benchmark for live performers and the sector's operators. For over forty years it has taken inspiration from the place which hosts him, a constant dialogue with its community and landscape. The festival is creative centre for new ideas and languages and it particularly support emerging artists and group through Open platform. In October 2016 also the European project A Manual on Work & Happiness was kicked-off.

7-15 July 2017

This year's festival will deal with the concept of gender considering it a mean of political, sociological, economic and cultural change.

Giuliana Musso | Bacači Sjenki/Shadow Casters | BeAnotherLab | Circolo Bergman | Compagnia Atopos | Dynamis | Tindaro Granata | Nina's Drag Queens | Ateliersi | Mona Mohagheghi | Titta Cosetta Raccagni | Clara Luiselli| Federica Chiusole |Tobia Zambotti | Collettivo Codice Rosso

International Seminar on work and happiness with Vanja Babic and Bojan Mucko | Schuko company | Incompany | Christina Schultz | Apostolos Karakakis | Santiago Cirugeda | Helen Hester | Nina Power | Riccarda Zezza

The little soul roams among those landscapes,

disappears, returns, draws near, moves away,

evasive and a stranger to itself,

now sure, now uncertain of its own existence,

whereas the body is and is and is

and has nowhere to go.

Wislawa Szymborska

Chimeras, mythological monsters made of bodies of different animals, are one of the best representations of the lacerated condition of the human being, and of the impossibility to recognize it as a complete creature, capable of providing a comprehensive self-image about itself. A symbolic suggestion from which Pergine Spettacolo Aperto takes its inspiration to explore, without prejudices, one of the most controversial issues of our present time: gender identity.
Love, sexuality, the search and recognition of the Self through the other are the origins of the individual and at the same time a mystery that, in its impenetrability, creates fertile ground for the consolidation of common places and taboos. Values, beliefs and visions of the world are so easily embedded in stereotypes that they end up deforming reality, making us unable to understand and related with the people we encounter.
What does it mean to rethink gender roles today? In which ways male/female cultural paradigms are changing? And what does it mean to be a man or a woman in our society?