About us

We like to think that diversity, in a society that tends towards global homologation, represents for itself a value. This is so regardless of its nature—geographical, cultural, generated by living at a different speed or by having remained at the margins of the flow. We believe that the languages of the arts can shake hearts and change views. We are interested in creative actions that aim at producing mental discomfort. We like a primeval theatre, in which communication precedes and overcomes words. We foster experimentation that does not forget to listen to the world and to open a dialogue with the audience. Every summer we commit to turning Pergine into a crossroads of poetic gestures, a place where one can find opportunities to nourish their innermost speck of folly, without which, as Neruda recommends, it is risky to live.


The new scientific committee of Pergine Spettacolo Aperto



Born in 1976, Pergine Spettacolo Aperto is the longest-lived festival in Trentino, and was initially the only summer stage in the Region. Since 1999, Pergine Spettacolo Aperto has specialized in workshops and productions of musicals, dance, operas, and plays for the training of young artists. In the past few years, it has revitalized its vocation by focusing more specifically on its own territory, and taking its move from the most painful and representative place of Pergine: the former Psychiatric Hospital. Its forgotten space is calling to be filled again, before the traces and marks of its history disappear and are no longer recognized. Every summer, this space becomes the container for experimentation and artistic productions connected in different ways to deviance, disorder and marginality. This genuinely creative forge finds its lifeblood in hosting diversity.

What they say about us

Andrea Romeo
Paolo Conte
Maurizio Scaparro
Yves Lebreton
Jean-Baptiste Thierrée
Luciana Savignano
Arturo Brachetti
Mara Baronti
Andrea Castelli
Giuseppe Carbone
Ascanio Celestini
Piergiorgio Odifreddi
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Alessandro Preziosi
Francesco Ventriglia
Roberto Zappalà
Daniele Agiman
Daniela Rosi
Caterina Marinelli
Raffaele Sepe
Ilaria Postal
Marianna Tozzo